The Cisco and NetApp partnership extends back to 2003. All great partnerships start with a shared vision of where the industry is going and this ultimately defines the NetApp and Cisco relationship. The two companies came together with a common goal - deliver unique value to their customers and define the future of the data center. Together, they are developing solutions that deliver the value and performance that meet customer IT requirements for next-generation virtual data centers. The most well-known joint solution is the successful FlexPod. FlexPod is a validated design, consisting of hardware and software that serves as an integrated foundation for virtualized and non-virtualized data center solutions.  It provides a tested & validated, ready-to-deploy infrastructure, which reduces the time and complexity involved in configuring, testing and validating a traditional data center deployment. Ultimately, it delivers a standardized platform that can scale up or out with regards to compute or storage. With the introduction of SAP HANA TDI for shared infrastructure, Cisco and NetApp created a FlexPod Datacenter Reference Architecture for SAP Solution. The Cisco and NetApp® FlexPod® solution gives you the advantage of having the compute, storage, and network stack integrated with the programmability of the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS). SAP HANA TDI option enables organizations to run multiple SAP HANA production systems in one FlexPod solution. It also enables customers to run the SAP applications servers and SAP HANA database hosted on the same infrastructure. Please find the detailed document here.

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