Meet Pepper at the SAP Digital Shift Forum in Brussels on September 6 & let him show you the Live Retail Experience!

Imagine you go to a store to buy a pair of shoes, and instead of being helped by a shop-assistant, a friendly robot shows up. He’s smart enough to know your taste and size, but also to have a nice conversation. Pepper shows us how digitalization can create the perfect customer experience.

We can’t imagine a world without online shopping anymore. But still, people love real life shopping as well. If your customers enter a real store, they are looking for both personalised advice and experience. A smart assistant as Pepper is able to know the customer’s behaviour and his needs, to help him in all possible ways. Come to this showcase to discover the possibilities of innovation in a retail environment. Find him in our Innovation Village at the SAP Digital Shift Forum. He’s looking forward to take a selfie with you!

Don’t forget you’re not the only one who wants to have a look at this showcase. The SAP Forum is getting crowded, so registering now is advised.

Discover the power of Live Business

In a world where everything and everyone is connected, we need a new way of thinking. Standing still is going backwards. Business must run live. Companies need to build a smarter value chain. Innovative technologies can help with this. Blockchain, Digital Twin, Machine Learning… It can all help you and your business run live.

We combined all these technologies in one showcase. Through a virtual reality scenario, you will dive into a digital value chain that illustrates how Machine Learning and digital assistants can change the way of business. SAP Leonardo, SAP Hybris, S/4Hana… all combined in one real-life example. Experience it yourself in our VR-chairs, at the SAP Forum in Brussels Expo, September 6.

Even advertisements can be intelligent, thanks to SAP Leonardo.

With the technology of today, we can change the way of advertising. Thanks to Machine Learning, every customer can get personalized ads; which brings benefits for both the customer and the brand.Nowadays, people are annoyed by irrelevant ads coming their way all day long. As a brand, this is the last thing you want. You want to be valuable for the customer. With these technologies, you can now personalize the ads they see, to show that you can give them exactly what they need. Did you expect that Machine Learning can help you reaching customers and building better relations with them?

A Live Stadium experience at the SAP Forum 2017

In a world where every business should be digital, a stadium should be digital as well! Everything is about the customer experience. Going to the stadium can be stressful because of the traffic and parking issues. Did you know that using data can detect the weak points, allowing you to act fast and prevent problems? Getting to you seat can take also take a long time. Now, it exists an app can guide people to their seat, let them order food and beverages within clicks. And it can even make sure they find their friends in the stadium.

In parallel, the fan shops are always crowded. The solution: tracking the utilization of stores, calculating waiting times and a better management of the supply and crowd. The solution to handle all these challenges is just one complete platform for event management.

How airports can become live businesses with SAP

In every industry, there are good examples on how and why a business should become a live business. An airport is a complex and very dynamic business, that needs to be efficiently managed. All kind of different solutions need to be implemented to tackle the business challenges and to make sure the business run simple.

Want to learn more? Visit our Live Airport Showcase at the SAP Forum in Brussels Expo, September 6. You will see how the combination of our different solutions can make a business run live.

Curious how the McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team handles the flood of data to improve their results? Discover this at the SAP Digital Shift Forum on September 6 in Brussels.

Stoffel Vandoorne, Formula 1 pilot for the McLaren Honda Formula 1 team, will be present at the SAP Forum as a keynote speaker.

You will discover that data is not only important for a company, but certainly for Formula 1 racing as well. A single car generates over 100GB of data over a race weekend and all that data needs to be analysed to get a better and faster race.

During his appearance, Stoffel will tell us how he experiences the flood of data in F1, and how it improves his results as a racer. But that’s not all, he will bring his car with him.

Visit the McLaren race car in the Innovation Village, learn more about data analysis and how SAP can help! Don’t forget you’re not the only one who wants to have a look at this showcase. The SAP Forum is getting crowded, so registering now is advised.