Digital shift – VIP discovery program

Innovation is a tough challenge for both growing and established companies. As new technologies and new challenges arise, the existing infrastructure becomes obsolete. But who can afford to replace IT every two or three years?

Discover how other SME’s tackle the challenge to keep up and running their present operations and still invest enough in innovation. Warsco and Crelem Bakeries are two companies who recently invested in innovation and are planning to do so in the future. Be part of the discussion on how they tackle their business challenges by innovating.

In a second part, we invite you to get a closer look on the innovation cycle: how do you develop new business models and processes? What are the building blocks of digital transformation? Through interactive brainstorms, business stories and inspiration sessions, we want to give you a good insight on what’s possible today with the technologies of tomorrow.

After the lunch break, you are of course free to discover the afternoon program of the digital shift. We are at your disposal for further questions or meeting with experts if you want to dive into the topics of your choice.


Crelem Bakeries: where quality meets taste

Warsco: modular building systems